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Meet Karen

Welcome to my website! (If we were meeting in person I could offer you a cup of tea, but as this is a virtual meeting, you'll have to wait until you pop by my studio!)

My style of photography is very authentic. I strive to capture real moments. I don't use a lot of props and I don't do a lot of post-processing. I believe that beauty is truth, and it is my job to help clients relax and feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of my camera so that I can capture their unique beauty. The photographs people cherish the most are the most authentic.

I want moms to look back at photos of their children and think, 'Oh, I remember that expression,' or 'That's the way you liked to be held as a baby,' or 'You used to LOVE that polka-dot dress.' I want children to look at photos of their parents and think, 'I came from such love.' I want women to look at beautiful photographs of themselves and think, 'I am beautiful.' But above all, I want to meet the needs of my clients.

Photography is a beautiful and powerful medium. I hope that my images speak to the importance of documenting life; the big moments, the little moments, and everything in between! I am happy to shoot at an outdoor location, your home, or at my Comox studio on Buena Vista Avenue.

If you like my work, I hope you'll consider contacting me. You can also 'like' my facebook page to follow special offers and be alerted to new blog posts.

Thanks for visiting!